Corporate Responsibilty

Corporate Responsibilty

In EQT, corporate responsibility is an integral part of how we manage our business, make decisions, and set our priorities. It is a real strategic consideration in our business and societal activities that create innovative products engaging the most advanced technology to enhance our lives, our communities and environment we live and work in.

Our belief in Corporate Responsibility reflected in vast areas including;

  • Our People
  • High Ethical Manufacturing Program
  • Philanthropy Program
  • Environment (safety and health measures)

Our People

Employees are an important asset of EQT. We promote team spirit at work, providing harmonious working environment as well as instill individual responsibilities.

EQT uphold and affirm equal opportunities across all our employment practices, procedures and policies, regardless of their nationality, ethnic background, race, gender, age, handicap, or sexual preference.

Our open door policy provides a platform for our employees to share ideas, suggestions and raise concerns to the management. Open communication is strongly encouraged and expected between all levels of our staff. EQT firmly believes with better communication leads to productive and positive environment.

As part of our commitment to continuously improve, EQT strives to encourage personal and professional learning and development of our employees. We believe in providing support for employees to become experts in their field, through specialized skills training.

High Ethical Manufacturing Program

With the vendors, suppliers, and other necessary elements in the supply chain, EQT developed a set of goals and key performance indicators to guide and measure our progress in this critical area.

Our overarching vision is to practice sound ethical manufacturing principles throughout the supply chain by engaging with factory management, internal and external stakeholders.

We adhere to strict auditing standards internally as well as on our vendors and suppliers. Regular internal & external audits are done to ensure they are meeting our expectation and the products supplied are of solid quality in fair, legal and safe conditions.

With a commitment to the highest standard of integrity, workplace conduct and business ethics, we are proud to operate under these principles.

Philanthropy Program to the Society

EQT makes donations frequently to support and helped the needy around the world. Recently, EQT embarks on a yearly philanthropy program which involves our staff to visit the old aged home and care for the less fortunate group.

Environment (Safety and Health measures)

EQT incorporates environmental elements throughout our operations to seek continuous improvement in energy efficiency, waste reductions and resource conservation. We are dedicated to minimize possible environmental impact of our processes and products. With concerted strength, we collaborate with our partners to develop innovative ways that help us to address long-term sustainability challenges.

EQT pledged to provide a safe and accident-free workplace by integrating safety into the day-to-day business. Relaying across not only a safe working environment for all, we promote our employees to adopt a work life balanced lifestyle. We believe healthy lifestyle will contribute a greater efficiency workforce.