Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships


Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships

Our once a year outing is BACK! Our outing was held with the main goal of promoting teamwork, and also to allow everyone to unwind after hard work. A buffet lunch was served to ensure everyone was energised for the later activities. There were 5 activities in total, and for each of the activities, there were points given based on […]

One Team, One Dream

There’s no “I” in team, truly. As part of EQT core value, we escape the office to take our team to new heights by organising a fun-filled Dragon Boat team building activity.Dragon boat is a fun and sporty activity providing plenty of team bonding opportunities. Teams have to coordinate well within their group to move […]

D&D 2018 – First Date

This year on our Annual Dinner & Dance, we take you down the memory lane to reconnect and reminisce where our first day met. The gentlemen were donning in creative casual outfit whereas the ladies in glamorous, charming with feminine attire all ready for the event.How about some candid shots before the events begins… ☺Runway to […]

D&D 2017 – Equiptestian on Blanc

Our annual Dinner & Dance was held at Clark Quay, Park Hotel. All staffs were decked in en Blanc attire – All white. The guys were rocking in their white outfits and ladies were dressed elegantly looking absolutely stunning! 😍Snippets of our white angels in EQT! Enthusiastic committee members on the left and staffs from HR department on […]