D&D 2018 – First Date

D&D 2018 – First Date

This year on our Annual Dinner & Dance, we take you down the memory lane to reconnect and reminisce where our first day met.
The gentlemen were donning in creative casual outfit whereas the ladies in glamorous, charming with feminine attire all ready for the event.

D&D 2018 - Group

How about some candid shots before the events begins…

D&D 2018 - candid shots

Runway to Red Carpet…

D&D 2018 - Runway to Red Carpet

Party through the night with sumptuous food & games…

D&D 2018 - Games

Lucky Star of the Night 

D&D 2018 - Lucky Star


Another successful event filled with fun and laughter!!!

We thank and appreciate each and every one of you for your contribution and is looking forward for an successful year ahead.

D&D 2018 - Thank you